Web Director

Job Summary

  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Remote(Worldwide)
  • Apply from Anywhere
Language Requirements
  • English: Business
  • Japanese: Not required
Key skills
  • production managing

Job Description

Job Role

Project Manager

Job Description

#Job Details - Requirements management & progress management of client projects - Requirements management, progress management, and business development for in-house projects #About our Company At Sourcemaker, we expand the process typically handled by a general software vendor/IT Consultant to include not only the development process but also the planning an system operation processes. In addition to development work, Sourcemaker engineers work closely with clients, ensuring the success of the product is the top priority. Our CEO Yusuke Yokozawa plays a central role in our company. As such, you will be working side-by-side with our CEO in order to ensure the success of our client's business needs. #About our CEO Born in 1983, Yusuke Yokozawa is a musician and band member turned IT venture capitalist, a pattern quite common in the IT industry. #What We Do Sourcemaker provides UX design, Service Development, and KPI operation support for companies during their start-up phases. Based on case studies from our client companies, we maintain reusable components and frameworks. We also develop our own in-house in parallel with our client work. We maintain reusable components and framework practices based on case studies from other companies, and we also develop some of our own services in parallel. Our main work consists of supporting development services that accelerate DX initiatives for major companies. We have experience developing services for companies in a variety of industries such as human resources, the restaurant industry, real estate, medical care, lodging, reuse, marketing, and many more. As a secondary task, we also ask you to maintain internal components and libraries, and to contribute to our internal code base as a workflow similar to OSS.We are also developing IoT, media, e-commerce, cloud services, and other services using these developed components and libraries. We are looking for members who can grow with us and who are seeking to improve our internal code base, mainly through engineering contributions, during the start-up phase of our business. #Why We Do At Sourcemaker we are working towards our mission of "Just In Tech" by improving the information distribution infrastructure and correcting the information gap. Our mission is to identify and deliver custom technology solutions to our clients as they are needed. Just like cooking a stir fry with leftovers in the fridge, or making a luxurious meal out of the finest ingredients, we believe technology should be customized to fit the exact issues that need to be solved. At Sourcemaker, we do not believe in over-technology. Technology shouldn't be something that is limited to us or our engineers. Our mission is not only to provide value through the use of our technology but also to increase the value that we can deliver to our clients by showing them how to utilize our technology effectively. In order to achieve our mission we have established the following guiding principles- - Challenge and Contribution: Do our best to achieve our high goals to contribute to realizing our vision - Enhance and Encourage: Work collectively to encourage ourselves and each other to grow and improve everyday - Achievement and Add-Value: Add-value by achieving goals quickly and with accuracy

Required skills & Experience

Basic qualifications

- Experience with directing web services - Experience workign with Office and other design software (Fimga, Adobe) - Production management of costs, schedules, allocation of resources, etc.

Preferred qualifications

- Programming and/or design experience - Experience being involved in a the start-up phase of a business

Ideal applicants

#How We Do The following three points guide careers at Sourcemaker. ・Sourcemaker will provide the resources necessary for all members to take on the challenge of developing their own services ・There are four pay grade levels: Initiate, Padawan, Knight and Master. Each employee's pay level is determined by a complete external evaluation based on the results of the employee's client work. ・ Employees with a level of Knight and above must mentor one or more less senior Sourcemaker members and are free to choose their preferred contract type (permanent employment, semi-contracted agreement, outsourced agreement, etc.) We assume that our engineers act as the main creators of our services and have set these guidelines as necessary for providing the best value.

Job Details

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Japan, Tokyo
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Remote work
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Trial employment (2-3 months)

Official entry into our company
Trial period: 2-3 months

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