【Global Projects】QA Engineer

Job Summary

  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Partial remote
  • Apply from Japan only
Language Requirements
  • English: Basic
  • Japanese: Business
Key skills
  • Integration Testing
QA Engineer|SHIFTQA Engineer|SHIFTQA Engineer|SHIFT

Job Description

Job Role

QA Engineer

Job Description

<Providing high quality services to the world through global projects> SHIFT has an increasing number of customers who are developing their businesses not only in Japan but also worldwide,such as major apparel companies, telecommunications companies, as well as customers in the robotics and automobileindustries. English is required in many cases to communicate with customers and partner companies, so that we can ensureproject and product quality and deliver higher-quality services to the world. <Abundance of career advancement opportunities and positions> At SHIFT, regardless of age, length of employment or nationality, career progression is based on performance. Some members have been promoted from leaders to project managers within six months of joining the company, while others have been selected for leadership positions in their 20s. <Enhancing your global career with SHIFT> You can experience your own growth through large-scale projects, such as supporting the global rollout project of an e-commerce site that boasts the world's top market share. As many projects are fast-paced, you can enrich your skills rapidly. In addition, because of its high rate of prime customers, SHIFT has numerous opportunities to speak directly with customers regardless of the position. 【Employee interviews are now available!】 SHIFT havs published a dialogue with employees who are working on SHIFT's global rollout project. Please take a look! The first part: The second part: <Details of the Job> - Test execution - Management of test executors - Test design  └ Understanding of basic design documents / detailed design documents described in English / Japanese  └ Preparation for test design based on specifications  └ Review of test design documents - Communication with customers / partner companies in Japanese and English, and participation in online meetings

Required skills & Experience

Basic qualifications

- Experience in the whole process, from requirements definition to integration testing- Experience in any of the following  └ 2+ years experience in unit and integration testing  └ 2+ years experience in open system (host system preferred) software development at a SIer  └ 2+ years experience of developing web-based software

Preferred qualifications

- Experience as a project leader in software development projects at a SIer - Experience as a project manager in web-based software development projects - Experience in proposals and quotations to prime customers - Experience in the following systems: distribution, EC, POS, accounting, logistics, payment, CRM, human resources,information, etc. - Experience of using English in a business environment

Ideal applicants

- Able to make decisions and respond quickly - Able to deal with challenges, always strive to improve themselves and their work - Able to expand their own role while involving others - Able to make logical proposals and explanations based on facts

Job Details

Employment type
Salary details
- Fixed overtime pay is paid for 45 hours regardless of whether or not overtime is worked (86,800 to 129,000 JPY per monthdepending on basic salary)
- Overtime work above 45 hours is paid additionall
Japan, Tokyo
Apply from
Japan only
Remote work
Partial remote
Working hours
9:00am -6:15pm
(Break Time12:00pm-1:00pm 3:00pm-3:15pm)
Actual Work time 8 hours
※8 hours of deemed working hours per day is applied for employees who work under the discretionary labor system

Yes(Average:10.1 hours per month *Actual results for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2021)
Saturdays, Sundays, year end and new year holidays, Japanese national holidays

Paid leave (10-20 days),
congratulation or condolence leave
(e.g. wedding leave, child marriage leave, spouse maternity leave)
Employee benefits
- Maternity, childcare, and family care leave system
- Various types of social insurance (Employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance, healthinsurance, employees' pension insurance)
- Commuting allowance
- Defined Contribution Pension Plan
- Skill improvement support (qualification acquisition support) system
- In-house recruiting system
- Nursery school system affiliated with SHIFT
- T.E.L@CAFE" technical study sessions and in-house social gatherings
- ESOP Trust System
- Access to facilities affiliated with the health insurance association (Tokyo Metropolitan Health Insurance Association for Information Service Industry)
- Bicycle commuting system
- Club activities
- Various in-house events (field day, year-end party, general meeting of employees, awards), etc.
Selection flow
1-3 times

HR interview → department interview
*We might conduct a reference check
*We might conduct a workshop after the 2nd interview

2 aptitude exams, conducted after the 1st interview

Interviews will be conducted in Japanese
INSURANCE: Employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance, healthinsurance, employees' pension insurance
RETIREMENT SYSTEM:Yes(70 years old)

Candidates coming to Japan for the fist time (from abroad) have access to the following support, (if they wish)
 1. Arrangement of a monthly flat for the first month & free rent for one month (property to be specified by the company)
 2. Relocation support arrangement for free (registration of residence certificate, opening a bank account, bringing aninterpreter for mobile phone contract)
 3. support for both (1) and (2)
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