LINE Digital Frontier

Android Client Development Engineer

Job Summary

  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Remote(Anywhere in Japan)
  • Apply from Anywhere
Language Requirements
  • English: Business
  • Japanese: Conversational
Key skills
  • Java
  • Kotlin
Android Engineer|LINE Digital FrontierAndroid Engineer|LINE Digital FrontierAndroid Engineer|LINE Digital Frontier

Job Description

Job Role

Android Engineer

Job Description

You will be involved in the server-side development and operation of the e-comic service "LINE Manga." Since its release in 2013, "LINE Manga" has grown steadily. ・Win 2nd prize in Domestic App Consumption Expenditure Ranking 2021 (As of January 2022/Exhibit: App Annie) ・9th-place in The World Non-Game Mobile Apps Revenue Ranking (As of June 2021/Exhibit: Sensortower) ・Win 1st-place awards in in Google Play's Free Popular Apps Ranking (As of December 6, 2021/Exhibit: Google Play) Since the scale of the service is large, the environment in which we can develop while receiving daily feedback from many users is technically challenging and highly rewarding. ■Roles and Responsibilities ・Collaborate with planning and design teams to give shape to ideas (coding, unit test creation, etc.) ・Improvement based on log analysis and user requests ・Profiling of apps to improve performance ・Improve and maintain CI environment to support stable development with large numbers of people ・Develop new features ・Ensure code quality through code reviews on GitHub


1. We place great emphasis on the idea of "User First". It is rewarding to have people close to us, including our family and friends, using our products and seeing their response directly. 2. Because we are re-architecting, we can not only improve existing systems, but also build new ones. We are also able to experience building and creating new systems. 3. We are actively trying to introduce new features at the OS level. Due to our comfortable and friendly atmosphere, where opinions can be expressed regardless of position or age, we enjoy developing our services independently while actively generating ideas and making suggestions for improvement. 4. There are many technical challenges due to large traffic. Each time you solve a service issue, you can improve your own skill. Career paths There are three broad career paths after joining the company. ■ Individual Contributor: As an individual engineer, develop technical skills and contribute to the team through design, coding, and reviews. ■ Tech Lead:Organize a small to medium number of engineers and lead the development and technical skills development within the team. ■ Engineering Manager: Organize medium to large groups of engineers and aims to maximize the output of the team. Related articles  ■Employee Interview (Client Development Engineer): ■The CTO of LINE Manga Talks About the Challenges and Attractions of Being a Member of One of Japan's Largest and Global No. 1 Giant Services.:

Required skills & Experience

Basic qualifications

・At least 3 years of experience in native application development using Java and Kotlin ・Experience developing applications that communicate with back-end services using RESTful APIs

Preferred qualifications

・Experience developing modern, maintainable code in accordance with MVVM, MVP, and other architectures ・Experience developing applications using proven and stable open source software ・Experience with automation using Jenkins, CircleCI, fastlane, etc. ・Experience developing in MVVM Architecture with Lifecycle, ViewModel, LiveData, DataBinding, etc. ・Development experience using Kotlin Coroutine, Flow/RxJava(Kotlin), etc. ・Development experience using AsyncTask, BroadcastReceiver, Service, etc. ・Development experience with Realm ・Experience in developing Material Design that incorporates animation ・Development experience using OKHttp, Retrofit, Picasso

Ideal applicants

・Those who are willing to think and proactively propose improvements for the benefit of users and the team ・A person with willingness to absorb new knowledge and technology ・Those who love the Internet and believe in its potential ・Those who love manga and believe in the potential of digital distribution

Tech stack

Language/Framework ・Java + Kotlin Mixed Project, ViewModel, LiveData, DataBinding, Kotlin Coroutines, Realm Tools ・GitHub Enterprise, JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins, Slack, Trello Development Terminal ・Mac (M1 chip equipped/Macbook Pro, etc., please confirm your preferred PC before joining the company. Multiple units can be lent.) External monitors and verification terminals can be lent too.

Job Details

Employment type
Salary details
・Annual salary system (Preferential treatment depending on skills, experience, and abilities possessed, to be determined upon consultation.)
・One-twelfth of annual salary paid monthly
・Separate incentive plan available(※1)
・Pay revision: once a year
・Various allowances:
・transportation expenses paid (in accordance with company regulations)
・LINE Pay Card Benefit Plan (※2)
・LINE STORE gift codes (※3)

(※1) In addition to the annual salary amount, incentives may be paid based on company performance, your own evaluation results, and length of employment. (Only those who are enrolled on the date of payment are eligible for the payment.)
(※2) This is a benefit program that can be used in a way that suits you, such as self-development, refreshment, medical care, nursing care, childcare, etc. The money is credited to each employee's LINE Pay account every month, separately from salary.
(※3) Gift codes that can be used at the LINE STORE are provided once every six months so that you can experience the various services of the LINE Group.
Japan, Tokyo
Apply from
Remote work
Remote(Anywhere in Japan)
Working hours
Discretionary work system for specialized work (Regardless of the daily working hours, 9.5 hours per day are considered to have been worked.)
・2 days off per week (Saturday & Sunday)
・Annual paid vacations
・Refreshment leave (10 days every 3 years after joining the company/ 300,000 yen subsidy)
・Year-end and New Year vacations
・Year-end and New Year holidays
Employee benefits
■Various insurances
・Employment insurance
・Workers' accident compensation insurance
・Health insurance
・Employee pension insurance

・Free breakfast and lunch at employee price
・In-house cafeteria
・Regular health checkups
・Sanitation (masks and disinfectant)
・Language support (Japanese, Korean, English)
・Massage therapist on site
・Subsidies for use of affiliated gyms, etc.

■Implementation of measures to prevent passive smoking
・In principle, no smoking indoors (smoking room is available indoors)

※Any other details will be provided during the interview.
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