Product Lead Engineer

Job Summary

  • 8,000,000 - 15,000,000(JPY / year)
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Remote(Worldwide)
  • Apply from Anywhere
Language Requirements
  • English: Business
  • Japanese: Not required
Key skills
  • Vue.js
  • TypeScript
  • TechLead
Product Manager|altProduct Manager|altProduct Manager|alt

Job Description

Job Role

Product Manager

Job Description

<About alt> Our company is engaged in research and development to realize a world in which every person in the world has his or her own P.A.I. (Personal Artificial Intelligence), free from labor (Lavoro) and immersed in creative and artistic endeavors (Opera). P.A.I. (Personal Artificial Intelligence) is an AI that aims to digitize our own will and place it in the cloud to let its clone perform all digital tasks. Digital clones, who can even make personal decisions and intentions, will travel around the networked world 24/7, replacing tasks that they do not have to perform themselves, such as work, shopping, and travel arrangements, allowing humans to focus on what only humans can do. <Our Business> Focusing on "AI GIJIROKU (AI Minutes)," an automatic meeting transcription tool that is currently being introduced to more than 6,000 companies, utilizing a group of advanced AI elemental technologies developed through P.A.I. research, developing AI solutions that can be used for any business, such as "AI Call Center" that enables 24/7 unattended response, "Neo RMR" chat operator AI support system, and "AI Interpreter" that enables multilingual communication in online meetings. Eventually, we have grown to the top market share in Japan within about two years of our launch. <Our Services> AI GIJIROKU - AI transcribes meeting remarks in real time Increasing the productivity of each and every employee in an organization is now one of the most important issues we need to address. By utilizing AI-related technologies, the research team at OLUTZ has developed "AI GIJIROKU," which converts minutes of meetings into text in real time, whereas in the past, transcription of audio recordings and manual input of handwritten notes were the norm. We at OLUTZ define efficient meetings as "Smart Meetings" and provide concrete solutions not only for visualization of meetings but also for optimal employee work styles, and contribute to solving social issues such as remote work, which is an important issue these days. Thanks to your support, AI GIJIROKU has been used by more than 5,000 companies in a wide range of situations. AI Call Center - Next-generation voice bot that enables "free dialogue with AI" "AI Call Center" is a spoken dialogue AI solution that enables "free dialogue with AI" using natural language processing technology that OLTZ has cultivated over many years of research and development to meet the needs of call centers in the new normal era. By introducing an "AI call center," costs can be reduced by 50% or more compared to conventional labor costs, and an environment can be created in which new operators can quickly learn from excellent operators' talks by analyzing the talks by AI. <Recruitment Background> As market fit in AI products progresses, a unicorn-sized company listing as an AI company from Japan has become a reality. Now that we are in the global spotlight, as the lead investor in the SeriesD round conducted in June 2022 is a top-tier overseas VC, with our mission "From Lavoro to Opera", we aim to further expand our market share in the domestic and international markets. Therefore, we are currently working on building an organization and business with a view to going public and expanding into Asia in the near future. We are looking for a Product Lead Engineer to promote advanced software development and team management. <Responsibilities> - Front-end and back-end software development of products related to speech recognition and other machine learning-based systems - Development of native applications for AI-related products - Team management including progress management of development team members, development lead, and technical guidance - Promotion of development through promotion of technology selection in the development team, establishment and continuous improvement of development flow, etc. - QCD coordination with stakeholders


- Contribute to the growth of the company's products, which are rapidly being adopted by an increasing number of companies, and have abundant opportunities to come into contact with new technologies - One of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Japan, with an eye on a recent listing in a position to go public on the scale of a unicorn company. - A small, elite organization made up of top-class members from various fields both in Japan and overseas, which allows for rapid decision-making and a close working relationship with management. - Skills can be improved along with the rapid growth of the organization and products. - The product is growing steadily, and the environment has a sense of stability despite being a venture company. - Gain knowledge and build a career in high-demand speech processing and natural language AI x SaaS products. - Fully remote work available - Stock option grants may be available

Required skills & Experience

Basic qualifications

- Experience in front-end and back-end development in the web application area - Experience in cloud-based development - Experience developing with Vue.js and TypeScript - Experience leading a team as a lead engineer, tech lead, etc.

Preferred qualifications

- Knowledge and experience with Nuxt.js/Node.js/Git/Firebase/Firestore/EC2 - Experience with GCP, AWS, and Azure - Experience developing native applications on iOS and Android OS - Experience or interest in using Dart and Flutter - Experience with billing development (e.g. working with Stripe) - Experience with test-driven development and CI/CD environment - Experience working in English - Experience with machine learning

Ideal applicants

- Flexible in tackling problems regardless of means. - Those who are comfortable communicating and performing tasks while working completely remotely.

Tech stack

Languages: TypeScript, Python, Flutter Frameworks: Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Node.js Database: Cloud Firestore Infrastructure: AWS, GCP, Azure, Cloud Firebase, Cloud Functions Source code management: Bitbucket Project management tools: Notion, JIRA Communication tools: Zoom, Slack, Google Workspace Currently, about 10 people are working on the development of "AI GIJIROKU" and "AI Call Center".

Job Details

Employment type
Minimum and maximum annual income(JPY)
8,000,000 - 15,000,000 (JPY)
Salary details
We will consider your experience.
Japan, Tokyo
Apply from
Remote work
Working hours
10:00am-6:00pm (1 hour break)
*Overtime work is approximately 20-30 hours/month
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