Product Manager, Web

Job Summary

  • 7,000,000 - 12,000,000(JPY / year)
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Partial remote
  • Apply from Japan only
Language Requirements
  • English: Business
  • Japanese: Business
Key skills
  • Product management
Product Manager|AutifyProduct Manager|AutifyProduct Manager|Autify

Job Description

Job Role

Product Manager

Job Description

| Global Market for QA Markets are changing rapidly, and there is a demand for quick software releases. Agile development has become mainstream; on a global scale, 92% of developer teams adopt agile development, 71% of which aim to release at least once a week. With such a rapid cycle, manual verification is too time-consuming, and there is an urgent need for automation. Our services can solve these critical challenges and make our clients a competitive advantage in software development. QA’s global budget is said to reach over $1 trillion. We are rapidly expanding our service reach internationally to win this vast global market. | About Us Autify, Inc. is a start-up company founded in San Francisco by a team of engineers who were the first Japanese team to graduate from the top US accelerator, Alchemist Accelerator. With the mission to increase creativity with the power of tech, we develop and provide Autify, an AI-powered software testing automation platform. In October 2019, we officially released Autify for Web, our test automation software that targets web applications. Also, in October 2021, Autify for Mobile for mobile app testing was officially launched, and we closed our $10M Series A. Although the product lineup is continuing to expand, and we have been able to provide all basic functions needed in a test automation platform, we continue to receive requests for new features and improvements. | About This Role / ポジションについて Job Purpose / 募集背景 Since its official release in October 2019, Autify has been adopted by numerous customers, with the user base steadily increasing. While we've successfully provided the fundamental functionalities expected of a test automation tool, we've also received numerous requests for new features and improvements. Consequently, we are diligently working to enhance Autify's functionality, aiming to propel the product to new heights. In light of this, we are seeking a product manager well-versed in the global software test automation market and its associated challenges. The role of the Product Manager for Autify for Web is pivotal in driving the product's evolution. In this capacity, you will gather both quantitative and qualitative data, collaborating with the product team to craft a roadmap that addresses customers' pressing needs. You will be an integral part of a product team, consisting of 2 UI/UX designers and 3 product managers. English will be the primary language of communication within the company. 2019年10月の正式リリース以来、Autifyは多数のお客さまにご活用いただいており、利用ユーザー数はますます増えています。テスト自動化ツールに求められる基本的な機能については一通り提供できている一方で、新機能や改善のご要望も多数いただいていており、プロダクトをさらに進化させるべく、Autifyでは機能拡張に尽力しています。 このような背景から、ソフトウェアテスト自動化の世界市場と、それを取り巻く課題に精通しているプロダクトマネージャーを募集する運びとなりました。「Autify for Web」のプロダクトマネージャーは、プロダクトの進化の要となるポジションです。お客さまの「Burning needs」の解決に向けて、定量・定性データの収集、プロダクトチームメンバーとともにプロダクトロードマップの策定などに取り組んでいただきます。 2名のUI・UXデザイナーと3名のプロダクトマネージャーが在籍しているプロダクトチームの所属となり、社内でのコミュニケーションは英語がメインとなります。 Responsibilities / 主な業務内容 - Stakeholder communication: You will be the first point of contact and liaison between your stakeholders and your engineering team; your collaboration skills will help to clarify scope, manage expectations, and communicate on achievements and progress. - Delivery management: Planning short, mid, and long-term project roadmaps through clear iterative deliverables while considering the team's capability and priorities in order to optimize the velocity of your project delivery. - Result evaluation: Analyzing beforehand the expected value of your project in our market, you will be documenting, reporting, and evaluating the results that the project delivered and planning the next set of improvements based on post-release conclusions. - Understand burning needs: Identify customers’ burning needs by conducting customer interviews and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data to dig deeper into their problems. - Market analysis: Deeply analyze the market by tracking competitors, understanding our strengths and weaknesses, and building a strategy to position ourselves properly. - Product strategy: Defining quarterly or longer goals of the product and connecting them to business outcomes, building a strategy and feature/product plans to achieve them by analyzing the current challenges. - ステークホルダーとのコミュニケーション:第一接点となる、ステークホルダーとエンジニアチーム間のブリッジ役としてコラボレーションスキルを発揮し、作業範囲の明確化、期待値の管理、達成・進捗状況の報告を行う。 - デリバリーマネジメント:チームのキャパシティとプライオリティを考慮しつつ、イテレーションごとの成果物を明確化した短期・中期・長期のプロジェクトロードマップを策定し、最適な速度でプロダクトのリリースを実現する。 - 成果の評価:プロジェクトが市場にどのような価値を提供するか事前に分析したうえで、そのプロジェクトがもたらした結果を記録、報告、評価し、リリース後の結論に基づいて次の改善策を計画する。 - Burning needsの把握:顧客インタビューの実施、定量・定性データの分析を通して、顧客の課題を掘り下げ、根本的なニーズを特定する。 - 市場分析:競合他社の動向を追い、Autifyの強みと弱みを理解するなど、市場を深く分析したうえで、適切なポジショニング戦略を立案する。 - プロダクト戦略:プロダクトの四半期目標、あるいはより長期的な目標を定め、それを企業成績に結び付けた上で、現在どのような課題に直面しているか分析し、目標を達成するための戦略と機能・プロダクトを設計する。

Required skills & Experience

Basic qualifications

- Experience managing stakeholders, including sales teams, engineering teams, managers, and customers. - Demonstrated ability to plan and build a strong software product through collaboration between internal teams. - Strong leadership to envision the product’s future and plan/execute steps to achieve it while collaborating across departments. - Excellent communication skills, including writing high-level documentation, text based collaboration, and conducting in-depth verbal communication with internal teams and customers. - Strong data analysis skills, with demonstrable experience using analytics tools in a previous role. - Native-level Japanese (required for communication with customers and partners). - Business-level English (required for internal and external communication). - セールスチーム、エンジニアチーム、各マネージャー、顧客を含むステークホルダーマネジメントの経験 - 社内チームと共同で優れたソフトウェアプロダクトを企画および構築する能力 - プロダクトの将来像を描き、その実現に向けたステップを計画し、部門を超えて協力しながら成し遂げる強いリーダーシップ - ハイレベルな文書の作成、テキストを通したコラボレーション、社内の各関係者や顧客と深い議論を行うための高いコミュニケーション能力 - 過去のポジションにおける分析ツールの利用経験と高いデータ分析スキル - ネイティブレベルの日本語力(顧客や提携パートナーとのコミュニケーションにおいて必須) - ビジネスレベルの英語力(社内外とのコミュニケーションにおいて必須)

Preferred qualifications

- Knowledge of B2B SaaS product management and business models. - Technical understanding of E2E test automation and software testing in general. - Experience in managing a fast-growing product. - Experience in managing products targeting both Japanese and global markets. - B2B SaaSのプロダクトマネジメントとビジネスモデルに関する知識 - E2Eテスト自動化およびソフトウェアテスト全般に関する技術知識 - 急成長中プロダクトのマネジメント経験 - 日本市場および海外市場向けプロダクトのマネジメント経験

Ideal applicants

- Keenness to listen to customers and explore how to solve their problems. - Ability to identify steps to keep the product progressing in a dynamically changing environment. - Ability to communicate effectively and carry out necessary steps. - Thrives in an environment with the freedom to explore options and learn from outcomes. - Enjoys collaborating with team members. - 顧客の声を聞き、課題の解決方法を探る意欲のある方 - ダイナミックに変化する環境の中で、プロダクトを進化させるためのステップを見極める能力のある方 - 効果的にコミュニケーションをとり、必要な作業をこなす能力のある方 - 複数の選択肢を検討できる環境で働くことが好きで、結果から学べる方 - チームメンバーとの共同作業が好きな方

Job Details

Employment type
Minimum and maximum annual income(JPY)
7,000,000 - 12,000,000 (JPY)
Salary details
¥7,000,000 - ¥12,000,000 a year
Reviewed twice a year / 年2回見直し

- Twice a year
Japan, Tokyo
Apply from
Japan only
Remote work
Partial remote
Working hours
- Full flextime system
Note: The determination of working hours (start and end times) must be made to the extent that one's own duties (including guidance and supervision of subordinates) are properly performed and that there are no obstacles to work in terms of coordination and communication with other employees.
- Complete a five-day workweek system (National holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, etc.)
- Unlimited paid time off
Employee benefits
- Equipped with various social insurance
- Regular health checkups
- Stock option
- A laptop PC will be rented when joining the company
- Remote work allowance
- English learning support
- Skill-up support
- Visa sponsorship
- Relocation bonus
- Relocation housing support
Selection flow
1. Product manager interview (60 mins)
2. HR interview (45 mins) + Engineering manager interview (45 mins)
3. Work sample test (45 mins)
4. VP/Board interview (45 mins)

*The interviews will be conducted in both Japanese and English.
*We will ask you to provide references after the final interview.

1. プロダクトマネージャー面接(60分)
2. 人事面接(45分)+エンジニアリングマネージャー面接(45分)
3. ワークサンプルテスト(45分)
4. 最終面接(45分)

Employment Status
- Regular employees
- Probation period: 3 months after joining the company (conditions are the same as permanent employment)
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