[RCR] Staff Software Engineer, Enabling

Job Summary

  • 1,000,000 - 16,000,000(JPY / year)
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Remote(Anywhere in Japan)
  • Apply from Anywhere
Language Requirements
  • English: Business
  • Japanese: Not required
Key skills
  • Python
  • Go
Full-stack Engineer|RevComm

Job Description

Job Role

Full-stack Engineer

Job Description

About the position - This position is responsible for providing support, tools, and services to other teams within an organization, enabling them to work effectively and efficiently. The team is organized as an enabling team. Responsibilities - Evaluating new approaches, tools, and practices in a field. For example, you assess whether projects in the CNCF’s incubating or sandbox are practical or not. - Striving to continuously elevate the engineering standards and drive all teams to achieve higher quality products, services, and processes. - Engaging with all teams and providing technical consulting as needed. - Measuring the productivity and health of all teams and offering technical consulting when a specific team is underperforming.


- Work on best-in-class products in a fast-growing market with over 1000 companies using our products. - Grow as an engineer. Our team includes top engineers from some of the best companies in the industry. - Our product currently handles over 150,000 calls per day. Our customers demand high quality and stability from our products. - We value member ownership and leadership. Members take the initiative to initiate and execute projects that address team goals and challenges, and involve all stakeholders in the process.

Required skills & Experience

Basic qualifications

- 7+ years of experience as a software engineer - Experience in problem-solving utilizing computer science knowledge. - Expertise in one of the following areas: cloud computing, infrastructure, security, container technology, or backend development. - Experience working in a team environment using Git. - Work experience in an English-speaking environment or business-level proficiency in English conversation skills.

Preferred qualifications

- Ph.D. degree in computer science or a related technical field. - Proficiency in a specific programming language. - Experience in large-scale data processing, distributed systems, batch processing, streaming processing, etc. - Experience in significant automation and cost reduction. - Development experience in public clouds such as AWS. - Development experience with container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes. - Experience in building and operating Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using tools like Terraform. - Experience in building and operating CI/CD pipelines using tools like GitHub Actions. - Experience in building and operating build systems using tools like Pants or Bazel. - Practical experience as a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). - Practical experience in consulting. - Work experience as a research scientist. - Contributions to open-source projects. - Experience as a tech lead.

Tech stack

- Programing: Python, Go - Infrastructure: AWS, Kubernetes - API: REST, gRPC, GraphQL, Argo workflows - Development tools: GitHub, GitHub actions, Terraform, ArgoCD, Datadog, OneLogin, Pants - Communication tools: Slack, Google doc, Notion, JIRA, Miro

Job Details

Employment type
Minimum and maximum annual income(JPY)
1,000,000 - 16,000,000 (JPY)
Salary details
Annual income 10,000,000 yen - 16,000,000 yen
Conditions will be determined by experience and ability.
Overtime pay is included for 45 hours.
Japan, Tokyo
Apply from
Remote work
Remote(Anywhere in Japan)
Working hours
Full flex time
・Weekends off / National holidays
・Year end holiday
・Summer vacation
・Paid vacation
(Five days are granted on the date of joining the company and another five days after six months, for a total of 10 days.)
・Family leave
・1 day off for the birthday
・Bereavement leave
・Sick leave
・National holidays
Employee benefits
・IT Health Insurance
・Travel expenses
・Social insurance available
・Having side jobs is okay
・Stock Options
・15% rule
Selection flow
1. resume and CV check
2. coding test
2. soft skills interview
3. hard skills interview
4. final interview

Details will be sent from the HR department.
Probationary period
- 6 month probationary period. The working conditions are the same as in the offer letter.
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