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  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Partial remote
  • Apply from Japan only
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  • English: Business
  • Japanese: Business
Key skills
  • Kotlin
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Job Description

Job Role

Android Engineer

Job Description

About WHILL Our mission is to "make mobility fun and smart for everyone." We have two business development areas: the first is "Mobility Service Business" for airports and commercial facilities. This is an automated service that provides services using aircraft equipped with automated driving functions. The second is the "Mobility Services Business. " We are developing a corporate rental service that rents out aircraft that can be driven freely by users directly from commercial facilities and shopping centers. In addition to direct sales through its online store, the company has sales channels in Japan for care equipment stores, automobile dealers and electronics retailers, and sells a variety of models worldwide. We are expanding our mobility sales and service business in more than 20 countries and regions, including North America, Europe, and APAC, as well as in Japan, and will continue to strengthen our global structure. Roles of the web engineering team In January 2022, WHILL welcomed Fukuda as CTO, who has experience overseeing the construction of IT-based services at Nissan, Mercari, and other companies. In May of the same year, WHILL celebrated its 10th anniversary and is strengthening its software and services in addition to its hardware, which has been WHILL's strength to date. In the future, we would like you to be responsible for the design and development of a wide range of services in each business, as well as the design and development of a platform service called "WHILL OS" to connect and support these various services in a cross-sectional manner. In addition, in order to deploy hardware-based services, it is important to have touch points with our clients. Our business development is diverse, so our clients are also diverse, including toC users, partner companies, and facility managers. In addition, in order to deploy hardware-based services, it is important to have touch points with our clients. Our business development is diverse, so our clients are also diverse, including toC users, partner companies, and facility managers. Commercial service at Haneda Airport began in 2020, followed by the deployment of service at several airports and hospitals in Japan, and the official introduction of service at Winnipeg International Airport in Canada in 2022. Background of this position Automated driving services were launched in Japan in 2020. The next phase of the service is beginning to expand overseas. As we implement various functions to expand this service, the Android application is the user interface that serves as the point of contact with the actual user. An Android terminal is embedded in the mobility device for automated driving, and users of WHILL can set their destination and make video calls to the operator through this terminal. We plan to develop new functions to realize new service flows in the future, and are looking for engineers who can push forward the development of applications to enable users to use these functions. Responsibilities - Development of new functions for overseas development of automated driving services (e.g., elevator linkage function, stopover function, multilingual support, etc.) - Review of application architecture with a view to collaboration with third-party vendors - Develop functionality to make the mobility device actually work in collaboration with hardware, embedded software, and web development teams. - Designing services in direct communication with business teams etc. In the mid-to long-term, we would like to entrust you with the following tasks as well. - Development that is not limited to automated driving, but is linked to other mobility services provided by WHILL. - Renewal of the entire application architecture, including technology selection Also, we believe that the following three points are attractive to us as a carrier - Can be involved in a completely new service that is used in a different way from the usual apps in the App store. - Close integration with hardware (automatic operation) - One person can see all the functions of the app. - Create a global product with global members. - Close collaboration with hardware, so you can communicate with IoT devices.

Required skills & Experience

Basic qualifications

- Experience in Andorid application development using Kotlin - Experience in application architecture design and technology selection including libraries - Knowledge of mobile application architectures such as MVVM - Experience in team development using JIRA, GitHub, etc. - Experience working with non-engineers such as business and design teams to develop toC applications - Ability to work in Japanese - Experience leading mobile app development

Preferred qualifications

- Experience development with Flutter - Experience with adb command - Experience with GraphQL - Experience using WebSocket and gRPC - Experience developing and operating applications that work with hardware - Knowledge of ROS - Experience in designing interfaces with devices/servers - Experience in improving development environment such as building CI/CD environment - Experience in designing with UI/UX in mind - Experience working with design teams using design tools such as Figma

Ideal applicants

- Those who strongly share WHILL's mission and values. - Those who are attracted to creating their own services in order to maximize the value to users as a service. - Those who have a strong will to contribute not only to people in Japan but also to people around the world. - Experience in defining service specifications and system requirements through direct discussions with business teams, rather than just developing according to given specifications, or a willingness to take on new challenges. - You are able to think together about what to do with a new service (short-distance mobility service) that is not yet common in the world. - Those who are willing to take ownership and drive the development of the service. - Able to communicate proactively with the business and hardware teams. - A person who is willing to learn not only his/her own specialty but also technologies in a wide range of fields. - Those who are willing to combine the necessary technologies to realize services without sticking to specific technologies. - Those who want to broaden their technical field as a career. - Experience working in English or willingness to take on challenges even if you don't have any experience

Tech stack

Technology Stack - Kotlin - Android - Firebase - WebSocket - gRPC - Figma - GitHub

Job Details

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Japan, Tokyo
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Japan only
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Partial remote
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