Financial Crime Monitoring Specialist - System Division, Rakuten Bank, Ltd.

Job Summary

  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Partial remote
  • Apply from Anywhere
Language Requirements
  • English: Business
  • Japanese: Not required
Key skills
  • Shell
  • Database
Security Engineer|RakutenSecurity Engineer|RakutenSecurity Engineer|Rakuten

Job Description

Job Role

Security Engineer

Job Description

Business Overview With over 13 million accounts, Rakuten Bank is the largest internet bank in Japan. Department Overview The System Division is an organization that engages in all tasks related to our systems, such as planning, development, operations, maintenance, etc. These range from basic business systems to user applications for iPhone & Android. The systems are open architectures and we are also actively adopting open source technology. You will be able to taste the thrill of taking on an important role within IT that helps determine the success or failure of our banking business, which is part of our social infrastructure. We are seeking fellow individuals who can grow together in such an environment. Rakuten Bank provides online-based services such as internet banking, but criminals also now also able to attack over the internet. The System Security Supervisory Department works on designing security systems against cyber attacks, fraudulent money transfers and the detection and prevention of money laundering. As such, we are needed as professionals who can take care of authentication design, monitoring fraudulent actions, detecting cyber attacks, reviewing systems in terms of system security, and designing backend security. System security members can develop on a skill that is at the forefront of financial internet services, and contribute to updating system security or related security rules. Why We Hire Our objective is to handle security risks in our growing internet banking services. Our KPIs are the number of occurrences of fraud, fraud prevention, and related matters in order to protect the assets of our customers and our bank itself. Applicants will have the opportunity to build a career in cutting-edge Internet crime countermeasures, and will also be able to broaden their knowledge through collaboration with large-scale CSIRTs and financial ISACs. Position Details As a member of the cyber-attack countermeasures team, the financial crime monitoring staff conduct monitoring and tactical analysis to detect and deter criminals who impersonate customers and make fraudulent money transfers via the Internet. As the modus operandi of financial crimes change, it is necessary to flexibly create monitoring rules that can capture new criminal behavior, in addition to existing fraud detection operations. For this reason, it is necessary to extract and process log data, conduct trial-and-error detection exercises, and improve detection accuracy to minimize the man-hours required for an appropriate response. Knowledge, know-how, and skills are accumulated by sharing planned actions, progress, and current issues with all members at departmental meetings every morning and evening. We report and discuss important issues that come to light in weekly meetings with the responsible executive officer. In addition, responsibilities will include interaction and exchange of information with external organizations, such as Rakuten Group's CSIRT team and financial ISAC. You will be able to feel your contribution to customer protection through anti-fraud measures based on cutting-edge input.

Required skills & Experience

Basic qualifications

- DB operation experience - Shell programming experience

Preferred qualifications

- CSIRT experience - Cyber attack incident handling experience

Tech stack

The team has 5 members, including: 2 system operators 2 CSIRT members 1 security consultant

Job Details

Employment type
Japan, Tokyo
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Remote work
Partial remote
This position will be seconded from Rakuten Group, Inc. to Rakuten Bank, Ltd. 
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