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Data Engineer

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  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Partial remote
  • Apply from Japan only
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      Job Description

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      Data Engineer

      Job Description

      Eigyo Mfg is a product-based company that offers a Marketing platform and Drawing management system for the manufacturing industry Our sales activities are based on our unique corporate database. As the first data engineer, you will be responsible for building and operating a data infrastructure to maintain and expand this corporate database. ≪Specifically≫ -Building and operating our data infrastructure Conversion and integration of multiple corporate data Integration of data obtained through sales activities into the corporate database Embedding AI into the data pipeline Ensuring the reliability of data -Identifying and solving issues for utilizing data -Handling foreign corporate data ■ Job satisfaction You will be responsible for building the data infrastructure. The development organization is still in its start-up phase, one year after its inception. You can exercise discretion in your work. As the system is primarily designed for internal members, it is an environment where feedback loops are easy to implement. Through supporting the manufacturing industry, you can contribute to the revitalization of the local economy and the inheritance and development of technology. It's a position with a lot of discretion, where you can be involved from planning and technology selection. As we aim for a team of 50 people by 2025, this is a good opportunity to be selected as a founding member, CTO, tech lead, PM, or business manager.

      Required skills & Experience

      Basic qualifications

      Building and operating a data infrastructure (including the following) Data modeling Designing, implementing, and operating data pipelines, ETL/ELT processes Building and operating data lakes, data warehouses Introduction and operation of workflow engines Development experience using GitHub / GitLab

      Preferred qualifications

      Knowledge of data security and privacy Experience in introducing and operating BI tools Experience in implementing and operating web crawlers Experience in building infrastructure using public clouds such as AWS and Google Cloud Practical experience of Infrastructure as a Code

      Job Details

      Employment type
      Japan, Tokyo
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      Japan only
      Remote work
      Partial remote
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