【DAAE】Flutter Engineer

Job Summary

  • 6,000,000 - 10,000,000(JPY / year)
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Partial remote
  • Apply from Japan only
Language Requirements
  • English: Business
  • Japanese: Conversational
Key skills
  • Flutter
Front-end Engineer|SHIFTFront-end Engineer|SHIFTFront-end Engineer|SHIFT

Job Description

Job Role

Front-end Engineer

Job Description

◆Why We Hire Under the leadership of Tange, the founder of SHIFT, the company has been aiming for 300 billion yen in sales and has continued to achieve high sales and growth every year. While the company's future goal is to achieve a market capitalization of 1 trillion yen, SHIFT's mission is to "solve Japan's social issues". SHIFT is working to solve social issues in a variety of areas, and one theme that the DAAE Strategy Department is working on is "Office DX. We are looking for a team member who is serious about developing mobile apps for "Office DX", a theme that SHIFT is focusing on company-wide. ◆Job Description - The successful candidate will be responsible for developing mobile apps in Flutter for the "Office DX" theme. - Develop new apps and UX studies. - Design and develop new features for existing apps - Develop new features for existing apps. - Development of functions that integrate with other services - Development will be carried out by maximizing the resources and capability of SHIFT itself and the SHIFT Group. - The most recent business themes in the DAAE Strategy Department, which is responsible for the creation of 0⇒1 own business, are diverse, so there is a possibility that you may be entrusted with themes other than "Office DX" depending on the situation. ◆About the department DAAE Strategy Dept. ◆Career Opportunities - There are unlimited opportunities to expand your career. - Lead the development of our products. - Lead development of new R&D initiatives - Lead the development of customer support - Participate in business development and management of SHIFT - Leading the organization of a business unit (business and organization management), etc.


◆Attractiveness of the position 1) Gain experience in Flutter-specific development. 2) You will be able to hone your non-technical sensibilities as you develop while conversing with strategy and creative specialists. 3) Highly focused on company-wide themes, so the company's attention is high. 4) Because you will be involved in the development theme throughout the entire process, you will be able to witness product growth. 5) Because the organization is under the direct control of a board member, you can work from a position closer to management.

Required skills & Experience

Basic qualifications

- Experience developing apps in Flutter - Knowledge of modern Android and iOS application architecture - Knowledge of development process automation with CI/CD

Preferred qualifications

- Self-study ability to catch up with new technology - Experience in receiving feedback and improving functionality

Ideal applicants

- Those who can empathize with SHIFT's business and vision. - Able to work with ambition, motivation, and a sense of responsibility. - Those who can accept things with an open mind. - Able to work proactively. - Able to make decisions and respond quickly

Tech stack


Job Details

Employment type
Minimum and maximum annual income(JPY)
6,000,000 - 10,000,000 (JPY)
Salary details
Monthly salary 500,000 yen - 833,334 yen

Estimated annual income: 6 million yen to 10 million yen
*This will be determined after consultation based on experience, performance, and contribution.

Monthly salary 500,000 yen - 833,334 yen

1. Basic salary (main salary): 350,000 - 620,034 yen
2. Fixed overtime allowance: 95,000 - 158,300 yen
3. Defined contribution allowance: 55,000 yen
Japan, Tokyo
Apply from
Japan only
Remote work
Partial remote
Working hours
9:00-18:15 (breaks 12:00-13:00, 15:00-15:15 / 8 hours per day)
*8 hours per day for those who apply the discretionary labor system for specialized work

OVERTIME WORK: Yes (average 5.48 hours per month *Actual results for the fiscal year ending August 31, 2022)
- 2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)
- National holidays
- Sick leave
- Year-end and New Year vacations
- Paid vacations (10 to 20 days)
- Celebration or condolence leave (Marriage leave, child marriage leave, spouse maternity leave, etc.)
(More than 120 days off per year)
Employee benefits
- Maternity, childcare, and nursing care leave system
- Babysitter coupons
- Various types of social insurance
- Commuting allowance
- Defined Contribution Pension Plan
- Skill improvement support (qualification acquisition support) system
- In-house recruiting system
- Nursery school system affiliated with SHIFT
- T.E.L@CAFE" technical study sessions and in-house social gatherings
- ESOP Trust System
- Access to facilities affiliated with the health insurance association (Tokyo Metropolitan Health Insurance Association for Information Service Industry)
- Bicycle commuting system
- Club activities
- Various in-house events (field day, year-end party, general meeting of employees, awards), etc.
Selection flow
1-3 times

HR interview → department interview
*We might conduct a reference check
*We might conduct a workshop after the 2nd interview

2 aptitude exams, conducted after the 1st interview

*The selection process is subject to change depending on the candidate's experience.
*Interview and hiring dates are negotiable. Please feel free to contact us.

RETIREMENT SYSTEM:Yes(70 years old)

- Monthly salary of 333,334 yen to 495,834 yen (including fixed overtime pay)
*Fixed overtime pay is paid for 45 hours regardless of whether or not overtime is worked, ranging from 86,800 yen to 129,000 yen per month.
*Overtime work in excess of the above will be paid additionally.

- For monthly salary of 500,000 yen or more (including fixed overtime pay)
*Fixed overtime pay for a monthly salary of 500,000 yen or more is paid as overtime when working on holidays or late-night work.
*Fixed overtime pay is paid for 30 hours regardless of whether or not overtime is worked, ranging from 95,000 yen to 237,400 yen per month.
*Additional overtime for working on holidays and late-night work in excess of the above
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