System Procurement - IT Procurement Office, Technology Management Division (TMD)

Job Summary

  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Partial remote
  • Apply from Anywhere
Language Requirements
  • English: Basic
  • Japanese: Business
Key skills
  • GCP
Project Manager|RakutenProject Manager|RakutenProject Manager|Rakuten

Job Description

Job Role

Project Manager

Job Description

Business Overview Rakuten Group provides various services such as EC, Fintech (Banks, Cards, Securities), Mobile, Sports business and so on. “Technology Services Division” to which the recruitment position belongs will be an organization that supports and empowers such services from an IT / Tech.   Department Overview This organization (IT Procurement Office) is in charge of IT-related product procurement for Rakuten Group, Inc (Headquarter) as well as for Rakuten global subsidiaries (partly). It has 2 groups (1. IT Sourcing Group and 2. IT Purchasing Group), and has a mission to contribute to Rakuten Benefit by Creating value through IT Procurement. Our IT Sourcing Group’s role is to reduce and optimize procurement cost and implement procurement processes that comply with governance and compliance policy. IT Sourcing Group is mainly focusing on sourcing area in which procurement buyers try to 1. understand requesters’ demand, 2. find the candidate suppliers, 3. negotiate with the suppliers, 4. select the best solution with the requesters, and 5. execute the contract with the supplier (including supplier validation), working with internal stakeholders (business requesters, legal, security, and accounting etc). In addition, IT Sourcing Group is expected to build a good relationship with the suppliers. IT Sourcing Group is in charge of appropriate procurement management, but its internal operation is handled by IT Purchasing Group (ex. 1. Purchasing approval process management, 2. Purchase Order Creation, 3. Invoicing / Payment management etc). IT Sourcing Group needs to support IT Purchasing Group to implement whole process appropriately. IT sourcing Group has 3 sourcing teams under the group (1. Infrastructure Team (hardwares/ software embedded into the hardware/ Data Center management), 2. Cloud Team (SaaS/IaaS (Public Cloud)/ other Cloud Services), and 3. Outsourcing (IT consulting, system development)). Position: Why We Hire IT Sourcing Group needs to focus on more proactive sourcing activities and support as IT Procurement (Sourcing). At the same time Cloud/SaaS related demand is increasing although sourcing buyer resources are not increased enough.   Position Details Based on the above IT Sourcing Group’s role, IT Sourcing Group is expected to implement the appropriate procurement strategy for Rakuten global procurement which includes not only for Rakuten Group, Inc (Japan headquarter) but also for the other Rakuten related companies in both Japan and foreign countries (Partly). This role is as below: 1. Support to make the Cloud Sourcing strategy as a procurement team, 2. Implement daily sourcing activities (to support each requester’s Cloud related procurement activities (both existing contract renewal and new contract implementation), Ex. Hearing from the user’s requirement, Sending RFP/RFQ/RFI to the appropriate suppliers, Negotiate with them on pricing as well as contract conditions with legal/security team 3. Procurement Operation / process Improvement activities Rakuten Group organization has been changed so fast, so continuous improvement activities are required to setup more appropriate procurement process for governance and compliance. 4. Procurement related communication with external suppliers and internal stakeholders. As a Rakuten contact window with external stakeholders, this role is expected to communicate with both external and internal stakeholders appropriately. 5. As an Rakutenian’s activities Sometimes, this role is expected to cooperate for all Rakuten employees’ activities. This is not mandatory, but the cooperative mindset is expected.   Work Environment - Approximately 20 people as an IT Procurement Office. - Approximately 9 of them as IT sourcing including its manager. - The member’s age is mainly in the 30s - 40s (most of them are mid-career recruitment). - The member’s background is diversified (Ex. "sales," "SE," "procurement," "legal" etc)

Required skills & Experience

Basic qualifications

One of the below experiences is mandatory: - Over 3 years of IT procurement experience - Over 5 years of indirect procurement experience with basic IT knowledge skills - Over 5 years of sales / pre-sales / SE / engineers / analyst experience in the categories listed below. : Software used in various on-premises : Public cloud (Azure, GCP, etc.) : SaaS (CRM / CDN / Montoring Tool / Project Mangement tool, etc.) : IT-related hardware such as Server / Storage / Network Appliance

Preferred qualifications

- English skills for negotiations with domestic / foreign suppliers and group companies - System development outsourcing Procurement Negotiation experience and knowledge.   In addition, the role is also expected to have the below mindset: - Self-Motivated mindset - The mindset with which the person can adapt to change. - The mindset with which the person can enjoy the unclear situation

Job Details

Employment type
Japan, Tokyo
Apply from
Remote work
Partial remote
Working hours
9:00am - 5:30pm (Every Monday, work hours are from 8:00am to 4:30pm due to morning meeting)
・2 days off per week (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays are holidays)
・10-20 days of annual paid vacation (the minimum number of days is the number of days granted after six months of employment)
・120 days off per year
In addition, year-end and New Year vacations, paid vacation, congratulation or condolence leave, maternity and paternity leave, etc.
*Once a year, you can take 9 to 12 consecutive holidays by using the long vacation (Success Vacation) system.
Employee benefits
・Commuting allowance
・Housing allowance
・Health insurance
・Employee pension insurance
・Unemployment insurance
・Workers' accident compensation insurance
・Retirement allowance system
Supplemental education and qualification support
・English learning support (in-house TOEIC(R) test IP test, English conversation, etc.)
・Career challenge system (challenge the department of your choice)
・Job return system (rehiring system for those who retired due to marriage, childbirth, nursing care, etc.), etc.
・Stock Option Plan
・Cafeteria system with three free meals
・LILO Club (preferential treatment at sports clubs, accommodations, leisure facilities, movie theaters, etc.)
・LILO Club (sports clubs, lodging, leisure facilities, movie theaters, etc.) (Running, mountain climbing, cooking, etc., part of the expenses paid by the company)
・Reward system
・Free English conversation lessons by native English speakers
・Support system for certification acquisition
・Qualification support system, etc.
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