Front End Engineer, Senior

Job Summary

  • 7,000,000 - 12,000,000(JPY / year)
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Remote(Anywhere in Japan)
  • Apply from Anywhere
Language Requirements
  • English: Not required
  • Japanese: Business
Key skills
  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • TypeScript
Front-end Engineer|RevComm

Job Description

Job Role

Front-end Engineer

Job Description

JOB DESCRIPTION: Build software/applications/services for Voice x Cloud. Reference: Technology Stack (including planning) └ Micro-services, focusing on services that require real-time performance, analytics, etc., and employing appropriate technologies for each service. - Back-end: Python (Django), Elasticsearch - Front-end: React.js, Vue.js - Analysis: Python, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch - Communication: SIP, VoIP, WebRTC, Websocket - Infrastructure : AWS, Google Cloud, Terraform - Mobile apps : Kotlin, Swift, Flutter (Dart) - Communication tools : Slack, GitHub, Confluence


Topics include design and implementation with emphasis on maintainability, testing, and UX improvement. Component design, unit testing, UI devising and performance tuning are just a few of the many tasks we are responsible for. We place a high value on proactivity and are ready to work not only on the front-end, but also on the server-side, DevOps, and other areas. We are an organization that proactively adopts new technologies, so you will always be able to improve your technical skills. Your growth will lead to the growth of the product. Although we have developed our products with a small group of elite members, the number of users has increased and we are expanding our business. The way we have been thinking and the way we have been doing things up to now are not all correct. It is interesting to be able to propose your own ideas and opinions and reform the organization and scheme. This is truly a valuable phase in which you can fully utilize your past experience.

Required skills & Experience

Basic qualifications

- At least 3 years of development experience using either React or Vue.js - Experience in development using TypeScript - Experience in unit test development

Preferred qualifications

- Experience in real-time communication development using Websocket and WebRTC - Experience in wireframe creation and UI design using Figma, Adobe products, etc. - Experience in building design systems - Experience in testing, maintenance, and operation of web applications - Experience in development using containerization technology (Docker) - Experience in development using public clouds such as AWS, Azure, etc. - Experience developing products using machine learning - Experience in mobile application development - Experience in development using third-party APIs (Salesforce etc)

Ideal applicants

- Empathy with our mission and vision - Embodying our values - Must be able to work well in a team environment. - Good at thinking logically - High motivation for self-growth

Tech stack

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, etc. Frameworks: React, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Jest, etc. Infrastructure: AWS Others: GitHub, Slack, Asana, Docker

Job Details

Employment type
Minimum and maximum annual income(JPY)
7,000,000 - 12,000,000 (JPY)
Salary details
Annual income 7,000,000 yen - 12,000,000 yen

Conditions will be determined based on your experience and ability.
*Overtime allowance will be paid for 45 hours of overtime work regardless of whether or not overtime work is performed. Overtime pay for overtime work in excess of 45 hours will be paid additionally.

e.g.) In the case of annual income/12 installments
└ Annual income 9,630,000 million yen / 800,000 yen per month (breakdown: base salary 575,000 + overtime allowance 225,000)
Japan, Tokyo
Apply from
Remote work
Remote(Anywhere in Japan)
Working hours
Flextime system (no core time)
- 2 days off per week (Sat. and Sun.) and national holidays
- Number of annual holidays: 124 days
- Year-end and New Year vacations
- Summer vacation
- Annual paid vacations
(Five days are granted on the date of joining the company, and another five days after six months, for a total of 10 days. After that, 5 days are granted every year in the month of joining the company, as required by law.)
- Family leave
- Birthday leave
- Bereavement leave
- Sick/Injury leave
- Statutory leave (leave stipulated by law)
Employee benefits
- Transportation expenses paid
- Social insurance
- Subsidy for purchasing books, IT equipment, etc.
- Subsidy for attending seminars, study groups, and academic conferences related to work
- Subsidy for taking online courses (Udemy, Udacity, etc.) and certification acquisition
- Subsidy for taking online courses (Udemy, Udacity, etc.) and for acquiring qualifications
- Stock option plan
- 15% rule

- [ITS] Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association
Selection flow
After screening of documents, interviews(1-3 times) are scheduled.
*For business positions, reference checks will be conducted before the final interview.
*For engineering positions, a coding test may be conducted.
If you are not a native Japanese speaker, please indicate your JLPT level (N1/N2/N3...) when applying, if possible.

6 months (salary and benefits are the same as after the probationary period)
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