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Job Summary


6,000,00012,000,000 JPY
Japan, Tokyo
Remote(Anywhere in Japan)
Apply from Only Japan

Language requirements

English: Business
Japanese: Basic

Key skills

  • Python
  • Django

Job Description

Job role

Data Scientist

Job description

About RevComm Inc.
Create a society where mutual feelings are better conveyed by visualizing communication through voice technology and AI, enabling efficient and appropriate communication.

Our challenge is to reinvent communication to create a society where people think of others. Most recently, we have been developing AI x Voice x Cloud software/database, and as our first corporate service, we are providing cloud IP phones equipped with voice analysis AI to visualize Sales & CS communication.

[Sales increase] Real-time scoring of Sales & CS talk, automatic transcription & summary, sharing of excerpts, and more. It helps to improve communication quality between related parties and increase appointment rates, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction rate all at once.
[Cost reduction] Reduce training costs by visualizing Sales & CS talks with AI and quantitatively evaluating the issues of each representative.
By integrating with CRM/SFA, man-hours for after-call work, management, and incoming/outgoing calls will be reduced, and productivity will be improved.
By eliminating hardware such as telephones and PBXs (phone servers), fixed costs are greatly reduced.

Business domain
- The first market area we will tackle is the B2B Inside Sales & CS market.
- There are three steps in business strategy:
1st Step: Sales Optimization,
2nd Step: Meeting Optimization, (we are here)
3rd Step: Business Decision Optimization. Ultimately, we will build a platform to create AI for business decision-making.
- In B2C, we would develop voice UI services such as communication bots in the mid-long term.

Role Responsibility
Implementation of algorithms to enhance web/mobile applications that incorporate AI-based voice recognition technology and communication scoring functions.
Development of video analysis functions for MiiTel-Live, an online conference tool.
Evaluation and verification of new technologies.

You will be able to conduct research and development using the large amount of audio and video data of business dialogues conducted on MiiTel and MiiTel-Live.
You will also be involved in the planning and conceptualization of new features using the research results.
The research results of RevComm's research team will be incorporated into our products while collaborating with members who have a variety of business and tech skills.
Therefore, you will need to be able to not only conduct research but also work cross-functionally with other teams to get the job done.
In addition, since MiiTel is a product that is already used by many customers, there are many opportunities to get direct feedback on research results from customers.
You will be able to participate in conferences and study independently during your work hours and reflect the knowledge you gain in our products.

Required skills and experiences

Basic qualifications

・At least 2 years of experience in analyzing unstructured data such as audio, image, video, text or log data (including research and development experience at university or graduate school)
・Experience with analysis using Python libraries such as Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, etc.
・Experience developing algorithms using neural networks, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Preferred qualifications

・Experience in oral presentations at domestic and international conferences and publication in journals related to computer science
・Experience in the development of speech recognition engines(STT), speech synthesis engines(TTS), and related research and development such as NLU/NLP.
・Experience in development, testing, maintenance, and operation of web applications
・Experience designing and building systems using AWS or Google Cloud IaaS/PaaS
・Knowledge of Linux
・Working knowledge of a specific industry, such as telecommunications, software, or human resources.

Ideal applicants

・The ability to work well in a team environment.
・The person who is good at thinking and communicating logically.
・High motivation for personal growth.

Development environment

Establish from scratch. In Japan, we have expanded 20 to 100 people in a year.
Development environment

Languages: Python, C/C++
Frameworks: PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras
Infrastructure: AWS
Editors: Basically free
Others: Docker, GitHub, Slack

・Backend: Python (Django), Elasticsearch
・Front-end: React.js, Vue.js
・Analysis: Python, Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch
・Communication: SIP, VoIP, WebRTC, Websocket
・Infrastructure: AWS, Google Cloud, Terraform
・Mobile Apps: Kotlin, Swift
・Communication tools: Slack, GitHub, Confluence

Job Details

Employment typeFull-time
Minimum annual salary(JPY)6,000,000
Maximum annual salary(JPY)12,000,000
Salary descriptionConditions will be determined by experience and ability.
Overtime pay is included for 45 hours.
Location150-0002 Hulic Shibuya 1-chome Building 7F, 1-3-9 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
・8 minutes walk from Shibuya station
・No transfer
・Full remote work
Apply fromOnly Japan
Remote workRemote(Anywhere in Japan)
Working hoursFull flex time
Holidays・Weekends off / National holidays
・Year end holiday
・Summer vacation
・Paid vacation
(Five days are granted on the date of joining the company and another five days after six months, for a total of 10 days.)
・Family leave
・1 day off for the birthday
・Bereavement leave
・Sick leave
・National holidays
Employee benefits・IT Health Insurance
・Travel expenses
・Social insurance available
・Having side jobs is okay
・Stock Options
・15% rule
Selection flow1. Resume and CV check
2. Soft skill interview
3. Hard skill interview
4. CxO interview

Details will be provided by HR.
In some cases, coding tests are performed.
Others6 month probationary period. The working conditions are the same as in the offer letter
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