Supreme System

QA Engineer

Job Summary

  • 4,480,000 - 12,000,000(JPY / year)
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Remote(Worldwide)
  • Apply from Anywhere
Language Requirements
  • English: Business
  • Japanese: Business
Key skills
  • QA
  • Web application

Job Description

Job Role

QA Engineer

Job Description

Supreme Systems is a tech company specializing in digital marketing. We develop and provide "aimstar," an Engagement Data Platform that supports the growth of enterprises engaged in BtoC business, "webica," a web customer service tool, and "moptar," a traffic line analysis and in-store marketing service. Since its release, it has been introduced by major companies that everyone in Japan has heard of, and in June 2011, we raised 510 million yen in Series A funding. In June 2011, we raised 510 million yen in Series A funding. We have entered a phase of strengthening our development structure. "Aimstar" is a product that has been under development for more than 20 years, and the development of the SaaS version is a "new product development". We are looking for a QA engineer who can manage the quality control of functions released on a daily basis, and at the same time, build a successful testing system by coordinating the QA team! Specific responsibilities: - Quality assurance related to releases - Establishment of a testing system to coordinate QA team including testers - Creation of test and release plans


A position where you can be involved in the formation of the organization. - We are in a phase where we are looking to strengthen our engineering organization, and if you wish, we would like you to work on measures that will strengthen our engineering organization. The appeal of this position is that it is interesting and allows you to take on a variety of challenges in addition to product development.

Required skills & Experience

Basic qualifications

*Either of the following applies to you - Experience in software QA - Experience in web application development

Preferred qualifications

- Experience in development and release flow improvement - Experience in building automated tests - Experience in testing mobile native applications

Ideal applicants

- You want to be successful in a team environment. - You love programming and you love to program. - You are motivated and able to find and solve problems on your own. - Self-study and self-improvement as an engineer. - The ability to communicate with the team and stakeholders to solve problems.

Tech stack

- The team will be assigned to the Product Development Department. - The mission of the team is to develop a SaaS version of the product by utilizing the technology cultivated through the development of the packaged version of the product to date. We are developing a renewed product with the aim of becoming the No. 1 product in Japan. - We are collaborating with the UI/UX design team of one of the top partner companies in Japan, so we can develop the front-end of the product while being exposed to the latest trends. - Currently, we have a team of about 10 people. Development language (Front-end): Vue.js / TypeScript Development language (Back-end): Java / Python DB: Snowflake / RedShift / PostgreSQL Web server: Tomcat Cloud: AWS Container technology: Docker / ECS Source code management: GitHub CI/CD: GitHub Actions

Job Details

Employment type
Minimum and maximum annual income(JPY)
4,480,000 - 12,000,000 (JPY)
Japan, Tokyo
Apply from
Remote work
Working hours
Flexible-hours system
Annual holidays: 123 days / 2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)
Including national holidays and year-end and New Year holidays
Paid vacations: 15 days in the first year of employment. Including summer vacation, 5 days are granted at the time of joining the company and 10 days are granted in the 6th month of employment.
Other leave: congratulation or condolence leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave
Summer vacation can be taken freely by using paid vacations.
Employee benefits
Transportation expenses: In principle, full payment is provided.
*Transportation expenses for commuting to work, transportation necessary for work, use of cabs for unavoidable late-night trips home due to work-related reasons, etc.

Necessary expenses: In principle, full payment
*Expenses for entertainment, meetings, books, supplies, cell phones, laptops, communications, etc.

Benefits: Regular health checkups, free drink policy, half-price food and beverage subsidies for in-house welcome parties, etc.

Referral Hiring Allowance: Special bonus of 300,000 yen to employees who refer acquaintances/friends

Congratulatory and condolence money: 50,000 yen for wedding gifts, 30,000 yen for birth gifts

Stock option plan available

Complete Social Insurance (Health Insurance, Employee's Pension, Employment Insurance and Labor Disaster Insurance)
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